Flat bags

We have flat bags with sideseals and flat bags with a backseal. Flat bags are often used for packaging flat products such as cookies, bars and other food. The flat bags can also be used for the packaging of, for example, cards or brochure material.

Flat bags sideseal

Flat bags of clear OPP in a thickness of 30my. Flat bags with side seals ensure a good presentation because no seal seams are visible.

Flat bags sideseal
Article numberDescriptionPacked per
3233PP flat bag 80 x 170 mm 30my1000
3232PP flat bag 100 x 150 mm 30my1000
3235PP flat bag 110 x 200 mm 30my1000
D299101PP flat bag 160 x 380 mm 30my1000
D299102PP flat bag 190 x 500 mm 30my1000
D299103PP flat bag 250 x 600 mm 30my1000

Flat bags backseal

Flat bags of clear OPP in a thickness of 30my. These bags are extra strong because of the back seal.

Flat bags backseal
Article numberDescriptionPacked per
D299169PP flat bags 80 x 120 mm 30my1000
3230PP flat bags 80 x 170 mm 30my1000
D299151PP flat bags 85 x 200 mm 30my1000
D299155PP flat bags 120 x 200 mm 30my1000
D299156PP flat bags 135 x 250 mm 30my1000
D299150PP flat bags 200 x 300 mm 30my1000

Flat bags anti-fog

Flat bags anti-fog made of clear OPP in a thickness of 35my. These anti-fog flat bags are available in various sizes. Thanks to the anti-fog bags, fresh products actually stay fresh. This way, these bags guarantee the quality of all your fresh products.

Article numberDescriptionPacked per
D299338PP Flat bag anti-fog 150 x 200 mm 35my1000
D299339PP Flat bag anti-fog 150 x 250 mm 35my1000
D299340PP Flat bag anti-fog 180 x 270 mm 35my1000
D299334PP Flat bag anti-fog 180 x 350 mm 35my1000
D299335PP Flat bag anti-fog 220 x 380 mm 35my1000