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Packaging specialist

Dijkstra Packaging is a packaging specialist that mainly focuses on the packaging wholesaler and large consumers of PP bags. Our customers include confectionery manufacturers, chocolate packers and nut producers.

PP bags - competitive prices for top quality

Dijkstra Packaging specializes in various types of bags, such as hexagonal bottom bags, block bottom bags, side fold bags, diamond bags, pouches, cone bags and micro-perforation bags. Years ago Dijkstra Packaging started with the import and delivery of these bags. And over the years we have built up our knowledge on this. There is close cooperation with the factory and as a result, a nice assortment has been created. We have unprinted bags in the range. It is also possible to have the products printed with your own design.
Because the import is in-house, Dijkstra Packaging is able to deliver every type of bag at competitive prices and we can also guarantee a great quality. So are you looking for a specific type of bag or other item from our range? In that case, please inquire about a quotation without obligation and you will see that quality does not always have to be expensive.

Other assortment

In addition to the wide selection of bags and sachets, various other types can also be purchased from Dijkstra Packaging. We also supply carrier bags in different variants, such as LDPE, HDPE, DKT and paper carrier bags. Again, it is possible to have this printed with your own design. Please contact us if you have any questions. For PP discs you can also contact us and they can be printed with your own design. In addition, we have various shop accessories. Think of mailing boxes, packing list envelopes, mailing envelopes, scale labels and of course also thermal paper rolls, cash register rolls, pricing equipment, price labels and Take-a-number systems.

Our qualities

Personal communication
At Dijkstra Packaging you have a permanent contact person. This makes our communication always pleasant and personal.

With Dijkstra Packaging you get high quality products. But also our service and knowledge are of great quality.

We deliver top quality at competitive prices.

Many products are in stock in our warehouse so we can deliver quickly.