Cross bottom bags

Cross bottom bags are very suitable for packaging chocolate, nuts and sweets. The design of the cross-bottom bag makes it ideal for packaging round products such as chocolate figures and gift items. Below you will find the different types of block bottom bags that we can supply.

Cross bottom bags

Cross bottom bags are manufactured from OPP 30 my. The bags are transparent (unprinted).

Cross bottom bags
Article numberDescriptionPacked per
D299403KPP Crossbottom bags 75 x 130 mm 30 my1000
D299401PP Crossbottom bags 85 x 145 mm 30 my1000
D299400PP Crossbottom bags 95 x 160 mm 30 my1000
D299402PP Crossbottom bags 100 x 170 mm 30 my1000
D299405PP Crossbottom bags 115 x 190 mm 30 my1000
D299410PP Crossbottom bags 120 x 225 mm 30 my1000
D299415PP Crossbottom bags 145 x 235 mm 30 my1000
D299420PP Crossbottom bags 160 x 270 mm 30 my1000
D299421PP Crossbottom bags 160 x 350 mm 30 my1000
D299425PP Crossbottom bags 180 x 300 mm 30 my1000
D299426PP Crossbottom bags 180 x 380 mm 30 my1000
D299430PP Crossbottom bags 230 x 375 mm 35 my1000

Cross bottom bags with glued silver bottom cardboard

Cross bottom bags with a glued silver bottom cardboard have a silver cardboard on the underside of the bag. As a result, you do not need to place a loose bottom cardboard in your cross bottom bag. The bag stays in place thanks to the glued on bottom board and the packaged product is being presented nicely.

Cross bottom bags with glued silver bottom cardboard
Article numberDescriptionPacked per
D299730PP Crossbottom bags 90 x 160 mm 35my1000
D299731PP Crossbottom bags 100 x 220 mm 35my1000
D299732PP Crossbottom bags 100 x 180 mm 35my1000
D299733PP Crossbottom bags 120 x 275 mm 35my1000
D299737PP Crossbottom bags 140 x 305 mm 35my1000
D299734PP Crossbottom bags 170 x 320 mm 35my1000
D299735PP Crossbottom bags 210 x 385 mm 35my1000
D299736PP Crossbottom bags 250 x 375 mm 35my1000