Shop accessories

We offer a wide range of shop supplies, and can also provide you with several packaging options to send your products to your customers.


Mailboxes made of cardboard. Due to their light weight and size, perfect for postage.

Article numberDescriptionPacked per
2130Mailingbox A6 125 x 160 x 28 mm brown inside/white outside30
2131GMailingbox A5 160 x 250 x 28 mm brown30
2132Mailingbox A4 220 x 310 x 28 mm white -while stock lasts-50
2132GMailingbox A4 220 x 310 x 28 mm brown30
2133GMailingbox B4 250 x 350 x 28 mm brown30

Packinglist envelopes

Packing list envelopes from stock available in 3 standard sizes, both blank and with a standard print.
You can use them for attaching, for example, a delivery note or invoice to a shipment.

Packinglist envelopes
Article numberDescriptionPacked per
2078Envelope packinglist CP2 165 x 115 mm blanco1000
2080Envelope packinglist CP3 225 x 115 mm blanco1000
2083Envelope packinglist CP7 225 x 160 mm blanco1000
2079Envelope packinglist CP5 165 x 115 mm Documents enclosed1000
2081Envelope packinglist CP9 225 x 115 mm Documents enclosed1000
2084Envelope packinglist CP6 225 x 160 mm Documents enclosed1000

Mailing bags PP

Shipping envelopes in a beautiful clear quality. They are provided with a self-adhesive strip and are very strong because of a thickness of 50my.
Perfect for sending your brochures or documentation.

Mailing bags PP
Article numberDescriptionPacked per
2101Mailing bag 165 x 220 + 50 mm PP 50 my1000
2118Mailing bag 150 x 260 + 50mm CPP 50my1000
2116Mailing bag 213 x 270 + 50mm CPP 50my1000
2100Mailing bag 230 x 310 + 50 mm PP 50my1000
2112Mailing bag 250 x 340 + 50mm CPP 50my1000
2113Mailing bag 258 x 370 + 50mm CPP 50my1000
2114Mailing bag 300 x400 + 50mm CPP 50my1000
2117Mailing bag 400 x 550 + 50mm CPP 50my1000

Thermal paper rolls

Very extensive range of thermal paper rolls. The rolls are made from A-grade thermal paper, are FSC certified and are BPA (bisphenol) free.
Also available with your printing.

Thermal paper rolls
Article numberDescriptionPacked per
Q800.447BThermal rolls FSC 44 x 70 x 12 mm 61 meters50
Q800.578BThermal rolls FSC 50 x 78 x 40 mm 56 meters50
Q820.573BThermal rolls FSC 57 x 30 x 10 mm 10 meters *50
Q820.572BThermal rolls FSC 57 x 40 x 12 mm 18 meters *50
Q820.574BThermal rolls FSC 57 x 47 x 12 mm 25 meters *50
Q800.574BThermal rolls FSC 57 x 54 x 12 mm 37 meters50
Q800.576BThermal rolls FSC 57 x 65 x 12 mm 55 meters *50
Q800.577BThermal rolls FSC 57 x 70 x 12 mm 61 meters50
Q820.583BThermal rolls FSC 58 x 35 x 12 mm 15 meters50
Q800.606BThermal rolls FSC 60 x 50 x 12 mm 30 meters50
Q800.607BThermal rolls FSC 60 x 70 x 12 mm 61 meters50
Q800.608BThermal rolls FSC 60 x 80 x 40 mm 60 meters50
Q800.601BThermal rolls FSC 60 x 100 x 12 mm 130 meters20
Q800.604BThermal rolls FSC 60 x 100 x 40 mm 110 meters32
Q800.760BThermal rolls FSC 76 x 70 x 12 mm 61 meters50
Q800.802BThermal rolls FSC 80 x 80 x 12 mm 75 meters *20
Q800.805BThermal rolls FSC 80 x 80 x 12 mm 75 meters *50

Cash register rolls

Wood-free cash register rolls in various sizes of A-quality paper. Suitable for almost all systems.

Cash register rolls
Article numberDescriptionPacked per
Q810.577Cash register rol wood free 57 x 70 x 12 mm 48 meters50
Q810.760Cash register rol wood free 76 x 70 x 12 mm50
Q830.767Cash register rol Duplo 76 x 70 x 12 mm50

Thermal labels for scales

Scale labels suitable for different scales. Such as Digi, Bizerba, etc.
The labels are freezer-proof.

Thermal labels for scales
Article numberDescriptionPacked per
Q855.843Thermal labels for scales 58 x 43 mm 1000/roll48
Q855.853Thermal labels for scales 58 x 53 mm 800/roll48
Q855.860Thermal labels for scales 58 x 60 mm 700/roll48
Q856.049Thermal labels for scales 60 x 49 mm 1000/roll48
Q857.608Thermal labels for scales 60 x 73 mm 700/roll48

Pricing machine

Hand labeling systems for pricing or coding articles. Complete assortment with accompanying labels and ink rollers.

Pricing machine
Article numberDescriptionPacked per
Q840.202Pricing machine Blitz D20 A1
Q840.600Pricing machine Blitz C6 black1
Q840.800Pricing machine Blitz C8 black1

Price labels

Price labels in different colors, different types of gluing. The price labels are suitable for almost all hand labeling systems.

Price labels
Article numberDescriptionPacked per
Q842.212Price label 22 x 12 mm white permanent42 x 1500
Q842.610Price label 26 x 12 mm white permanent THT36 x 1500
Q842.612Price label 26 x 12 mm white permanent36 x 1500
Q842.614Price label 26 x 12 mm fluor orange permanent36 x 1500
Q842.615Price label 26 x 12 mm fluor red permanent36 x 1500
Q842.712Price label 26 x 16 mm white permanent36 x 1100
Q842.812Price label 26 x 16 mm RH white permanent36 x 1100
Q842.822Price label 26 x 16 mm RH white non permanent36 x 1100

Take a number system

We deliver a complete package of sequence number systems. Dispensers and numbers in various colors. Also a handy clock that can be operated with several separate remote controls.

Take a number system
Article numberDescriptionPacked per
Q850.100Take a number tickets white5
Q850.101Take a number tickets rose5
Q850.102Take a number tickets green5
Q850.103Take a number tickets blue5
Q850.104Take a number tickets yellow5
Q850.002Dispenser floor stand1
Q850.003Manual ticket dispenser red1
Q850.008Manual ticket dispenser black1
Q850.0002 digit display1
Q850.001Remote control for ticket dispenser1